Saturday, 28 July 2012


Social networks and me were like peanut butter and jelly. Been on each and every one of them, maybe because my life is just too boring just a little too much.

We tweeted and then we caught up, then I had to call her. Yes of course I did. It lasted for almost an hour and I was all cracked up by the time I hanged up. We virtually connected on every level, her sense of humor was just great. I guess it was the exposure to the books she reads.

She was 145km for where I was but I was entirely engulfed with the feeling that I had to meet her. It was usually slow for me when I went to work so I was everyday hoping to catch her online just so she could make my day.

Day finally came and then she was done with her last requirement to ascertain her worthiness for that honorary certificate. Knowing her from her early days in high school, she never disappointed and was way ahead of me and the class all of the time. So getting pieces of paper together for her project was not a big deal for her at all.

Tuesday was come and gone but I prayed on that day that I would see her again just very soon. And then Friday it was when she finally came over, got an early day off work thanks to 'no work' actually. I had never knew feelings could be capped but never denied. Never been drenched in someone the way I do now.

Being as it is right now, no light at the end of the tunnel, no hopes to cling onto and no other way to tell her how I feel, I just sit and wish I find my own very little genie box and when he pops out and asks me to spell out those 3 wishes, my only wish would be:



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