Sunday, 29 July 2012

New Cravings

Okay so its morning again and am doing something you would never find me doing;waking up this early. I gotta continue my journey today and this time I am heading for Wa particularly Dobile.

My eyes are so stuffy and I cant see nothing but the lyrics keep ringing in my ears and I think I was a fast learner with those ones though.

I never thought I would be cajoled into liking her kind of music especially when she made it sound so scary. And once again, I have been made to believe that never call it off when you havent even tried. Listening to electric now and seriously I think this is the kind of dimension I needed this morning just to be on that road.

Okay so enough of the blatter, I chanced upon The Script yesterday with a new one of the The Script #3 and they featured Will.I.Am on this one; a guy I have since begun to like when he got me off my bed when he did 'This Love' with Eva Simons at the Hackney Weekend 2012 show.

So this one was kind of like a preacher's words, what we should be and what we can be. Funny thing is I dont even see where Will.I.Am came in, maybe after writing this I would carefully go listen and try to pick out where he dropped his verse or chorus maybe. Okay enough of that since the video is just right below so you can listen and finish up the story yourselves.

Another great voice I came across whiles inquisitively searching her music taste was Kyler's. I had not heard her name before though but then again Kyler tweeted at her sometime back so I just gave her the benefit of the doubt that she was a nice person so I decided to listen to one of her pieces.

I think she did a good job at arranging the tracks on her website cos the first one I heard made me put her on replay instantly. I wish I could sing it to you but my voice broke ages ago and I sound like Beiber would in a couple of years. Haha

'When the words are out of reach on the top shelf
When you slam the door, get locked outside from yourself
I still have the spare key that you gave me
I will find a way to get through to you eventually"

Thats just a verse from Kyler England's 'Take These Things To Heart' and those are just the words that keep ringing in my head. Maybe cos am in the very same state she described in the last line. But on the high though, her Electric Hum album is just great. Its on iTunes now go get it.

Emmm my driver is in so I gotta go but before I go I just found out I liked a song very much and didnt know who sang it. Funny enough, I was hating on this same artiste some months back cos she had a verified twitter account and I was telling my friends she didnt deserve it and I hadnt even heard her sing before. But I love this song so much maybe cos its exactly what I want to tell her, exact same words, regardless I love it. Its Demi Lovato 'Give Your Heart A Break'. Enjoy.

Okay so its a wrap for now. I would give you pictures of what I find on the road in my next post aite. Safe trip to myself. Lol


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