Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Hi everyone, how's your August been so far ? great ? good ? bad ? mine started off with Tonsillitis :( Not a good start at all, uh uh not at all. The thought of Tonsillitis is enough to make me scared of swallowing, so for the remainder of this post i will probably be typing on a dry mouth. Enough of the horror stories lets get back to the reason for this post, Memories, everybody has them, be they good or bad they are a part of you. A collection of stories and pictures in your head you can go back and watch as many times as you like;the good ones and some that you wish you had never experienced.
Some of my best memories are from childhood, and unlike the memories from my teenage years they are mostly just feelings. Really simple stuff like a hot shower transports me back to those cold harmattan mornings when i had two set of feelings for my mum. My mum the torturer, she of the 'fearful order of morning 'wakers''. That ancient sect whose duty it was to wake us normal human beings from our peaceful slumber. Eye's still half closed, i feel my way to the bathroom and what do i find ? a steaming bucket of water! at that very moment, my mum can do no wrong. Sigh, how i miss those days.
Knock outs!! I'm talking bandi, samla, keklevi, piii kpo, I'm talking Christmas in Ghana! before i go any further, I think I should make something clear. Some of you know-it-alls might be confusing my dear dear knock outs with fireworks. If you are one of those people, and you are from west Africa, please feel free to close your browser, your parents did you a great wrong by neglecting a very essential part of your childhood. Comparing knock outs to fireworks is like comparing Schwarzenegger to Dicaprio, like comparing your Ipad to your Casio 991fx, like.... you get the picture. You've never known fear till you've held a knock out in your hand.Fireworks smh, we grew up playing with portable bazookas. Growing up, it was not Christmas if  there was no knock out, Not new year if the skies weren't lighted up, aah the good old days. Christmas stopped being fun the day the government banned knock outs.
"Sunlight, sunlight in water, pure sunlight in water, is all that you need, long lasting sunlight, fresh as the morning.." i just wiped a tear from my eye, sniff sniff that particular jingle practically defines my childhood. The fact that i still remember the words of the jingle is is is... 'sniff' which of you didn't want to be like that kid in the jingle? and the best part? it was all true, from the bath in the basin, the walk to the bus stop for the school bus, to evening bath. Which one of you has never been bathed in a basin ? or had a bentua shoved up your.... cough cough ? Probably the DB's but we all know they from another universe so we'll let them be.
 Treasure your memories, they are probably the only things you'll have left when the people and the times are gone. Nostalgia hmm, i'll probably have some good dreams tonight. Till later, FBNDP.

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  1. what about those memories we shared with our pals in school...the oson alafias, the rush to find a hiding place in d bus when FK approached, the race to grab and impress that gal before anybody else did....MEMORIES...dats all we got