Thursday, 16 August 2012


They say nothing happens by chance and everything happens by divine purpose carefully crafted by THE ONE who showed the ocean by how far it can come.
Do i believe in that? ABSOLUTELY YES...I dont know why I woke up after having a bad night to write this but I guess
Sometimes some things really come into our lives and have a great impact on us and we really just love them being around. Most times they stay with us so long we just dont really appreciate them like we should.
Then again for some strange reason we lose those great things and then we get so bitter about them making excuses like 'it wasnt meant to be', ' it was just for the moment' blah blah blah. I do not think so, I just think those things get taken away from us so we experience how we were likejust before those great things came into a life.
Most times those things we lose because we happen to realise very late what we had, never come back to us...they gone and they gone forever. Personal experiences put me such places not just once, I have been here a number of times.
But this post is not about me, its about all of you who still have great things happening for us that we think found no other person to happen to so they stuck with us and then take them for a ride...think again so you do not have to write a post one day just like I am doing now. APPRECIATE EVERYTHING
Nothing happens by chance and nothing lasts forever.
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