Thursday, 2 August 2012

SSDD: Same Sh*t Different Day

I had an epiphany the other day about certain aspects of the human condition, and by epiphany i don't mean the Christian festival celebrated on January 6th, no no I'm talking about that sudden insight you get about something at the most random of moments. Here i was at work, trying to look busy for my boss and  it dawned on me that 1: we as humans always manage to screw things up where the divine is concerned and 2: we resist the things that are best for us in the long run.
You are probably starring at your computer screen scratching your head, and thinking to yourself " what the hell is this guy going on about ?" my dear friend across screen, bear with me whilst i broaden your perspectives.
Show by hands if you know the story of Oedipus Rex, no hands ? what about Ola Rotimi's the God's are not to blame ? I see a couple of hands up, ah the Ghana high school education is finally paying off. For the rest of you who don't know, its basically a story about how an oracle prophesied about a child who was going to grow up to kill his own father and marry his mother. Sounds crazy right ? I know, and the parents thinking themselves wiser than an all knowing oracle gave up the boy for adoption or something like that. The point is, by trying to avert the disaster they ended up fulfilling the prophesy. Next example is one I'm sure everyone knows, the story of Jesus Christ! actually that particular story is just bursting with examples, king Herod  the devil, Pontius Pilate all of them tried to divert a divine plan and ended bringing it to pass. That begs the question, so should we just accept fate ? sit back and let things happen ? my answer is why the hell not ? there are some things we have the power to change, the divine plan is not included in that list. Que sera sera.... and all that.
Next up is how we resist the things that will do us the most good in the long run. This particular observation doesn't need any obscure examples, all you need to do is look at your local boy girl relationship. I'm a guy so its only natural i talk from a guy's point of view; Boy meets girl, boy asks girl out , boy and girl are now an item, so boy gives girl everything she needs, his time, his love and his chop money. Boy goes to boarding school, girl makes a new friend, girl cheats with new friend who doesn't give her anything, not his love, not his attention, and definitely not his chop money. Get the picture now ? To make it in the modern world, you need education, and our parents pay huge fees to get us that education and yet we skip classes. Still not getting it ? Everybody knows AIDS is real so you have to use a condom but you are still going to have unprotected sex with the neighbour's daughter, who's only fear about the whole affair is "please don't make me pregnant" ah finally, you get it.
In case you were wondering, this is not ceafive, this is his extremely handsome, extremely smart and very articulate brother, no no this is not ceafive at all, you are welcome to the world of FBNDP


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