Thursday, 27 September 2012

Reading between the lines.

What is it with girls and veiled signals? Why send veiled messages when you can just say what's on your mind and save everyone the confusion ? Some people get it and some people don't, me i'm just too lazy to even try. Some of my friends can read whole chapters into a wink but unless you are winking in Morse code, i'll probably just assume you got something in your eye.Yeah i'm that bad. Seriously though, this handicap of mine has landed me in trouble more than a few times.

The thing is, i'm so bad at reading between lines that i can't even tell when a girl likes me or 'likes' me. My initial reaction to most females i meet is "let's be friends". For me it's as simple as that, i might flirt a little but that's as far it goes, apparently that's jerk behavior according to one of my female friends. Maybe i meet the  wrong kind of girls or maybe that's just how girls are conditioned these days, can't a guy just be nice to a girl anymore ? it's OK to act like a horny goat around every girl you meet but once a girl discovers you are in no way sexually attracted to her, wahala.

I like having women around me, there's just something cute about a 'just friends' girlfriend, all the attention and the intimacy without any romantic brouhaha. Girls make great friends, if you are willing to forget they have boobs and other things that is. They are like the softer, rounder, kinder version of your best male friend and nobody gives you better inside scoop on other girls. It just get's complicated when you they start thinking because you call her so much and practically live in her apartment, you must have feelings for her. Sometimes  a guy just wants to be friends, not because you are not pretty enough or interesting enough, it might just be that he connects with you on a different level. Personally, i'm tired of losing my "girlfriends" over this issue.

What is it with Ghanaian girls and veiled messages? do you people have a monopoly on that or something ? is it taboo for a girl to just tell a guy that she likes him ? Attitudes are changing nowadays but for me, they are not changing fast enough. In other parts of the world, you meet a girl, ask her out on a date, and if she likes you, it might probably end up on your bed or you guys might see each other again. I know it's really not that simple but compared to how Ghanaian girls do it, you are better of trying to walk on water. Back in the day you wrote a letter that included sentences like 'you are my harmattan pawpaw' or 'you are the apple of my eye' and depending on how broad your vocabulary was, you either got a yes or no to your proposal.

I've been off the dating seen for a while now so i can't really judge but i think things are a bit relaxed these days. Boys don't write letters anymore but most relationships still start with boys asking "would you be my girlfriend ?". In this 21st century, why can't two people who like each other just kiss and be in a relationship ? why does one person have the ask the question and the other take some time to "think" about it ?
what is there to think about ? this is a relationship, not marriage. If all the time we've spent together hasn't convinced you of who i am, how would a couple of days help ?. Most guys I've asked this question agree that given a room a full of pretty girls, they'll probably go for the straight talker. Who wouldn't want a girl who tells you exactly what on her mind ? ;)

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  1. hahaha!ignatius but of course there is alot to think about.a girl has to consider if she's really ready to call this guy everyday and check on him, if she can deal with the jealousy she would feel over some girl he calls a friend and others...i wonder why sum guys wont just take no for an answer?Castro you havent answered the question why cant you read between the lines?lol