Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The GroomsMan

I'm a metro-sexual. Truth. I like to look good, smell and hopefully taste good lol. I'm the type of guy that has different kinds of soap for different parts of my body and different colognes for different seasons and times of the day. yep I'm that kind of guy.

Makes me wonder who came up with the idea that real men don't groom ? what kind of woman finds a smelly mouth sexy or stinking armpits a turn on ? hell, even your friends will complain. In the days of the caveman, i guess the hairier you were the more mates you found or something like that but that was about  a million years ago. Men have evolved since then and as market research shows, male grooming is big business. OK so now we've established that men groom and metro is the new sexy, let's get to the how and the reason for this post.

I get most of my grooming advice from male fashion blogs and magazines, from askmen, through valet, esquire, malestandard and all the way to shortlist across the pond in the UK.
They offer some great tips on everything from shaving to condom choices ha ha. That being said, my favorite blogs are the one's who offer affordable advice, with emphasis on affordable. it's cool to read about how this Cologne smells like bottled sex and how that other one smells like your favorite city but costs an arm and a leg. yes it's nice to know all the fancy designers and expensive brands but there's no way I'm paying their prices, so if i come across a blog that offers advice on grooming products with links to Amazon, I feel like I'm in cosmetic heaven.

Has any one checked out the blogs I mentioned ? notice how they are all "white" ? yeah, we of the chocolate skin get very little attention. we are all human and in the equipment department we are all male but we definitely don't have the same skin.

An example is the Nivea moisturizing cream for men, a while ago all my favourite blogs were touting it as the go to cream for male skin care so I checked it out and since it was in my price range, I ordered one. it was a good product, smelled OK and felt good on my skin but ended up pushing my complexion towards to darker end of the color spectrum. I like my skin color the way it is, and anything that changes it gets shelved pretty fast.

You would think that with Millions of black men out there there would be tons of sites and blogs dedicated to our grooming needs but alas I am yet to find even one. My Google fu is pretty advanced so if after a month of searching, I couldn't find anything worthwhile, I've come to the conclusion that either black men don't groom or nobody thinks it deserves any attention.

To be continued....



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