Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Being away a while, work and family issues taking all of my attention but mostly because my co-blogger decided to bail out on me. I am back now and I pray to keep you locked on grid to this blog.

I did a lot of thinking whiles I was away, mostly about myself and things I wish would come my way. One question that persistently popped up in my head; would what I am expecting really come my way? Is there something I had done in the past that would not make my expectations become real?

My belief been inclined to the teachings of Christendom, I guess you can not blame me for accommodating the fears I do. I even for sometime believed letting someone in on your plans gave it an 80% chance of them falling through but that is superstition and I my faith does not allow that. Most of the time what we wish for the most always falls through, and I hear people say when things do not happen for you expect a bigger bang one, you did not even expect. Can I say I have experienced that before? Probably.

Expectations are a part of our everyday life, for me it rules my world. I do not know if expectations is equal to counting your eggs before they hatch, if it is then I have fallen prey a lot of times. People willingly decide not to expect so there would not get disappointed when nothing happens kinda like growing a thick skin to disappointments. Maybe that works for them but if I do not expect then I do not dream right and anybody who does not dream is dead right.

Well thats my little piece after the long break hope its a good reconnection piece though.



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