Sunday, 24 March 2013

Palm Sunday

Its Sunday 24th March 2013...Google Now woke me up with a notification about today...It's PALM SUNDAY. Growing up all I relished from this day was scouting for palm fronds and singing with the congregation to church. Growing up where I did, people had to show their skills and weaved the fronds into all kinds of beautiful things, added so much bliss to the occasion.

Today is so many years after those days and I am all grown now, my 25th palm sunday actually, but i missed church. Reason? None whatsoever. Funny how I feel about this but trust me you wouldn't want to be in my shoes right now. Palm Sunday is not about jolly walks to and from church for me anymore. Palm Sundays are for me now, a day where I look into the reason this day is circled on every Christians calendar, a day where I think through what courage it would take for me to trade my life for that friend who faces a death sentence. That friend whose sin has nothing to do with me, that friend who on countless occasions unheeded advice and took the wrong turn.

Christ was faultless, blameless, pure, and all of the good adjectives that are yet to be added to the dictionary. He had no reason to leave His glory and become the son of a carpenter, nobody could have held it against Him if He had decided otherwise but HE CAME. He bore our sins, He healed our sick, He delivered our prostitutes, He forgave our chapel mongers, He loved us. He loved us so much, He carried our cross and made it His own, we crowned Him with thorns and He cried to the Father to forgive us with the excuse "...for they know not what they do".

So many years after that day when Mary couldn't hold back her tears for 'her' son who knew no sin, here I lay, writing a piece supposedly showing inexpressible gratitude when the doors of ICGC Calvary Temple still lay open to welcome me. Many at times as humans as we are, we tend to revere the less valuable things to the actually much more important ones.

I have given you the reason for the season, this I learnt from my sunday school, its the DEATH and RESURRECTION of a man who loved and still loves the world so much, who gave His heart to it, died for it and STILL bleeds from His wounds.


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  1. Its a wonder how things change when you grow but i guess it gives us a clearer perspective and a better reason to believe the reason for the season..