Sunday, 21 April 2013


Drops evaporated as the wind blew
Sheets shred, feet stumbled as the time flew
He picked up his note, stood and almost shut it
Then it caught him, picture perfect, he sought it
Pacing through hers, very interested he became
Its been a while, he misses her, hoping she feels same
In his head, she was royal, she was adored
Priding in her, he swore he could yield her sword
Teased by most, encouraged by some, she stole his heart
For every night, all he ever looked up to was their chat
Fortnights passed, but the bond broke, cupids arrow she definitely swerved
Tried as he may, her cold heart was all he was served
"Happy Birthday Sweets", all night he stayed up, so he wish her first
12 February, that day, she always told him was her best
Slowly, back and forth, everything he once felt he drove back
Forever in her, a dance, each to their favourite track
In his mind, to have her back, is to put a ring on her finger
That night, a lowly night, on his knees, with words like a singer
"No, am sorry", her words as they filled the room
Tears filled his eyes, his face to the ground, he has been rejected; her groom



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