Friday, 14 June 2013

Pushed Away

I stood, she sat
I cajoled, she retracted
They say stand for something, lest you fall for nothing
But a decision is tougher when all it takes is your every strength
Day after day, they, you, I, we innocently tread that path
Leaving or staying, doing or not doing, our thoughts fight each other
You wait for the new dawn, hoping the thoughts disappear
But do they? They worsen, they prevail, they persist
You think about it everyday and hope it gets better
Sometimes we do nothing about our worries
And hope things become the way we want them
They say a problem shared is a problem half solved
Everything that is, has been and shall be
Worry less, keep your head up, be hopeful but most of all DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

Love is a beautiful thing!!!! That beauty we can never comprehend...

           Inspired by The Groom's Bride



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