Friday, 14 June 2013

The Beautiful Ones

More often than not, we make the wrong deductions because we made the wrong calculations on what we see, heard or what we think it should be. Any guy would talk to the most beautiful in a group of pretty women before he even would want to appreciate the rest. Its human, its natural, to the eyes that's what beauty is.

It is for no unnecessary reason we have five senses, five very different but linked senses. Each of them does what it should do that's what makes us complete. We look at the things we see and call them beautiful, that is not wrong at all. Some people kiss and call it the most beautiful thing they've had that is taste right there, some get touched in a way they never have been and to them it's beauty at its best. But then again, painful but true, one of the senses ends up riding over another. You find out the prettiest gal in the class who gave you your best kiss doesn't say the nicest things to you, the other one you call a low life shows up whenever you need a friend, she gives you that calmness you wish you could explain, and you end up being with her more. That's hearing riding over taste right there.

Inspired by personal journeys, the beautiful ones are the ones we want to repay in every way we think we should but realise we can't match up to, why because they are THE BEAUTIFUL ONES. That one you see yourself driving to because the one you love just pissed you the hell off, that one that calms you down you forget what drove you out of the house. The one who calls everyone she knows can help you and people she wouldn't want to reconnect with just because you need help, and she wants to be the one to do that for you and its not like you have been there for her, no word would even want to be associated with the kind of stuff you put her through. That one you call in the middle of the night every night because you are stuck somewhere and need a ride (i hear capricorns are the best at that tho lol) and she's the usual culprit, always showing up, getting dissed by her friends but she risks for you.

But what do you consider beauty enough? Because she makes you laugh everytime is that beauty enough? Or because she splits her pay with you after you blow yours with friends eventhough yours is bigger, is that the most beautiful person for you? Everybody has a list, every tom dick and harry, even those who do not deserve to hold a scribble pad have points they have bulleted. But one thing you can be sure about is if they challenge you to think you are not being 'beautiful' enough, then you know they made an impact on you.

The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born is a myth...because they live amongst us.



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