Thursday, 28 March 2013


Another old one .....

Growing up where i did taught me not a few lessons
Surviving everyday of a young life's sessions
Through it all, i held unto my dreams tight
Though i was still learning to distinguish wrong from right
As to some of the things I've seen ,
I imagine I've done worse just to feel free

From classrooms where the lights were dim
To friends who were not what they seemed
From girls i thought i loved
To girls who were easy to be had
I talked the talk, walked the walk, anything just to look the part
though sometimes(not often) it went just a little too far

I lived for the day when i would get the recognition
that would draw to me all the pretty girls' attention
After all,how much more was there to life when you were 13 ?
Having fun, innocently doing what some would now call flirting.

Ive had my moments, atonements, downfalls and catcalls
Tested myself hard just to see if i had the balls
Grew to know me, hate me, love me, and finally accept me
learnt to succeed by being me

Now am at that crossroads you get to when you are 20
Time for some self inspection
Days ahead ? i know I've still got plenty
Days behind ? hope those weren't too dirty
I've paid my dues and come of age
If  where i grew up taught me anything,
It is never to back down for anyone or anything.   


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