Thursday, 6 June 2013


Those of you who follow me on Instagram know I've had a busy week, I was due some vacation time at work so I took time off to visit a few states whilst en-route  to support my friend in Boston MA. Like i said, it's been a busy week. Any ways, I'm flying back home and having a moment of reflection thousands of feet up in the air. I mean why now ? It's definitely not because of a lack of opportunity, I sleep more than anyone I know so why couldn't this just have happened in the form a dream ? I'm trying so hard not think about plane crashes right now.

So I'm on this plane and thinking about how much I've accomplished in my life, from where things stand, I think I've be slacking. Introspection is not my forte, because i hate looking at my self too closely. You see all those little things you dislike in people ? Turns out you have some of those same traits and in some cases even worse, so I try to put off the whole looking at your life thing for as long as I can.
The problem with that is,  it's like failing to clean up your room. When you finally get down to it, you realize how much filth you've been living in and find all kinds of stuff; some you thought you had lost or just simply forgotten about. My life is not that much of a mess but there's so much unfinished business back there that I'm afraid it take me a long time to sort things out.

My dad never misses an opportunity to remind of how accomplished he was at my age and I never forget to remind him we are in the 21st century . The rules of his generation don't apply to mine. Back in the day all you need was a little education, some business sense and you were set with an OK job. Now, a bachelors degree is like a kindergarten certificate. I'm exaggerating of course but if you've graduated from college and can't find a job, what the use of that Bsc. ?

Seems we are about to land and baggage claim is going to keep me from any more introspection. Hoping this piece of metal lands safely, I'll complete my ashes post and some other stuff I've been meaning to do for a while now. Till then it's adios from the FB who NDP.


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