Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The lucky Ones

We all know a lucky one, growing up it was that kid that never seemed to try but was great at all the games you played. In school it was that student that you never saw with a textbook, who skipped class as much as anyone and yet always came first in exams. It's that dude at your office that never does any work yet is your boss's favorite. They are those for whom things just work.

Thinking about it, it seems sort of unfair. Why do some of some us have to work hard for things some people are just 'given'? You kill your self at the gym just to stay in shape but that friend of yours eats anything she wants and never seems to gain any weight. Some people are just born to the 'right' parents with the right of genes  and some girls have to actually beat boys off with sticks; the unfairness of it all.

In the jungle as well as life, there's an order to everything. There's the predator, the prey, the go between and ones who don't belong anywhere. If the lucky ones are the lions of life then it just makes me wonder where the rest of us stand. Lets be realistic, most of us are never going to be as rich as bill gates or have Ryan Reynolds' looks, like Kendrick Lamar said," this shit don't happen to everybody". Very true mr Lamar, so very true.

You are either prey, serving up prey  or an outcast, frankly I think the outcasts are better off than prey. Me, I like to think of my self as a facilitator, a sever, a waiter if you will,it's miles above prey in pay, and its has benefits like life Assurance :)

Before you go thinking this dude doesn't believe in himself, I would like to use this opportunity as a metaphorical red light. Stop right there, yes you reader, I'm one of the  most self assured people you'll ever meet, In fact, if egos were buildings, mine would probably be a spacecrapper, ask my fellow blogger if you don't believe me :)

That being said, I believe to be truly happy, you need to know your place in the scheme of things.
Find where you belong and claw your way up, or in the case of the lion, just eat everyone else.


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